• italy: hey germany did you hear about japan's injury
  • germany: what no
  • italy: he broke his
  • italy:
  • italy:
  • italy:
  • italy: japa-knees

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Photographer Herb Greene had barely heard of Led Zeppelin when they came into his San Francisco studio in the first weeks of 1969 for a photo shoot. The group’s debut album hit shelves that same month and they were in the midst of their inaugural American tour, opening up for Country Joe and the Fish during a four night stand at the Fillmore West. “I knew about the Yardbirds,” he says. “I knew nothing about this new band with Jimmy Page. But they booked a session because they wanted some 8-by-10 glossies, as they used to say in the trade.” Greene estimates he spent less than an hour with the band, but during that time he snapped off an incredible series of photos of Zeppelin

Greene shot Zeppelin at a dilapidated, three-story building on the west side of San Francisco that used to house a theater. “I didn’t give them much direction,” he says. “These guys were on the road and really didn’t want to be there. I had 40 minutes, so I took individual portraits and a group shot.. In those days, it was easier to just plop a tripod down and start shooting a band.”

(Source: Rolling Stone)

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Uli by Paky RJ on Flickr.

 this is vulturesintrees

ive been thinking about this middle cat pic for days



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this must be what tumblr looks like irl

this is exactly what tumblr looks like irl



this must be what tumblr looks like irl

this is exactly what tumblr looks like irl

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The Best Thing That EVER happened at my job

  • Me: Did you find everything ok today Sir?
  • Male Customer: Yeah everything was fine, but prices on the cat food just keep going up! I remember when it was only .30 a can! But I bet you don't, you're like what...20?
  • Me: 21, but yes.
  • Male Customer: God you're young, I bet you'd never go out with someone my age, unless you have some Daddy issues
  • Me: ...........
  • Male Customer: so do you like working here? Are you in school?
  • Me: Your total today is 21.38 Sir.
  • Male Customer: Are you seeing anyone?
  • Me: ......Cash or Credit Sir?
  • Male Customer: When do you get off work?
  • Male co-worker comes up next to me: Everything ok?
  • Male Customer: Yeah we're fine
  • Male Co-worker: Actually I think you're being really rude
  • Male Customer: What are you her boyfriend?
  • Male co-worker: No I'm not. And even if I was, why would it matter? Her job is to ring up your items, make sure your shopping experience was pleasant and give you change. You're making really creepy comments to a young woman you don't even know at a cash register, it's not ok.
  • Male Customer: You can't talk to me that way! I want to speak to your manager.
  • Me: It's really ok, everything is Ok
  • Male Co-worker: No no, I'll go ahead and call our FEMALE boss up here to address any grievances you might have *Sir*
  • Male Customer: slams down 25 dollars grabs his bags and leave*
  • Male Co-worker: You don't even have to take anyone's shit here. If anyone even looks at you funny, pick up that phone, call a manager, call me, call another co-worker and it will be handled. You are a valued employee and you deserve to feel safe and respected at work by *everyone*

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